Benefits of streetwork will far outweigh the disruption

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I would like to respond to Mr Martin’s letter in The Star. We have had some issues with our streetlighting design programme in some parts of the S9 area.

This has been because we have designed where the new energy efficient LED lights would be placed on the highway and when we have come to connecting the lights, we have found that the cables have not been in the position we have been told.

This has meant we have had to go back to the drawing board and redesign our streetlighting for that area.

If this does happen then we do have to place barriers around the streetlighting holes that have been dug. We do ensure to leave the roads and pavements as safe as possible and we would always advise all parents to not let their children play in these holes. If the public do see barriers that have been moved or blown over then we would always encourage them to report this to us via 0114 2734567. We do have teams who check our sites but we do always need the eyes and ears of the public to help us with this.

The issues that Mr Martin has raised on Ecclesfield Road are actually due to a cabling fault that has been report to Northern Powergrid. Northern Powergrid has been out to site three times to repair the fault and every time the Streets Ahead team then connect to the cable the fuse blows. We are currently working with Northern Powergrid to find a solution to this issue and as soon as this has been done we will be updating affected residents and businesses.

I understand residents’ frustrations with some of the delays we have encountered as part of the Streets Ahead works, but this work is a massive project across the city and one that has not been seen on this scale in any other city in the country. I ask that residents bear with us as we know the benefits of this work will completely outweigh the disruption some residents are encountering.

Coun Jack Scott

Cabinet Member for Environment, Recycling and Streetscene