Benefit sanctions are hurtful and no real benefit to anyone

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I was concerned to read that more than £13 million is owed in council tax. Although every circumstance is different, I believe a lot of it is down to the benefit sanctions that are currently in place.

If you are in the unfortunate situation of having to sign on at the job centre and you fail to do as you are told that nice Mr Iain Duncan Smith will stop your Job seekers Allowance. or at least your personal advisor will. if you don’t apply for jobs 24/7 and prove that you have, and any defiance will mean you have your Jobseeker’s allowance sanctioned for up to three months until you can learn the meaning of obedience.

So how are people expected to pay council tax or even live if they have their benefit sanctioned? I believe thousands will have, resulting in this debt.

For example the man with his Jobseeker’s Allowance sanctioned because he didn’t look for a job on Christmas day. Shame on this person that should be helping him not punishing him for being out of work.

Thankfully I am not in this position, but one day I could be, and it doesn’t mean I can’t show empathy for those that are. I think to sanction the people’s benefits is just escalating more debt and should be scrapped.



Why is this unelected government borrrowing more money and at the same time conning the majority as all governments do in falling unemployment?

A successful economy doesn’t borrow the amount of money saved in less benefits paid out. Osborne should be laughing all the way to the bank instead of borrowing.

It’s tedious, we know the benefit sanctions, hammering low paid are mostly for tax breaks for the rich.

G Ellison

Hawthorne Avenue, S18