Being village idiots

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Having reached the age of 61 and having voted in every election since eligible I decided not to vote this time round as I could see no party which deserved my vote.

The vested interests of all the parties (be it big business, the unions or green issues) makes an unbiased representation impossible. In addition I have not forgotten the way all the main parties allowed MPs who fiddled their expenses to pay back what they had stolen and then carry on as though nothing had happened.

The Westminster village can be seen in all its glory during Prime Minister’s questions, when no answers are offered.

Politicians play at being aware of what the man in the street wants while living on a salary almost three times the average wage, plus subsidised travel, drink, food and gold-plated pensions.

What we get in return are MPs shouting and gesticulating at one another as if they’re in a pub.

I will vote again when a few things have altered. For example, at the end of the fourth year of a five year Parliament the books should be opened to all the parties so their manifestos are based on what we can afford. We should also reduce the number of MPs and their salary should never exceed twice the average wage.

Also, let’s fund all parties and give them as much advertising as they want on the BBC (we already pay for that). This will drive them onto the streets to seek our opinions.

My biggest fear is that as fewer people vote for the bigger parties who have lost touch with their core voters, then the extremist parties will fill that void.

The description of parliament as the Westminster village probably sums it up as every village used to have its idiot. The sad thing about the Westminster village is that all our MPs want to take a turn,

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