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The National Pensioners Convention seems a bit behind the times by talking of compelling employers to provide pensions.

The previous government set up the National Employment Savings Trust to do exactly that, part funded by compulsory employer contributions.

It is due to ‘go live’ in 2012.

Also, the cut in the winter fuel payment equates to less than a pound a week over a whole year: a small price to pay when you’re getting free bus journeys, free eye tests, free prescriptions and so on.

Neil Martin, Raisen Hall Road, S5

Helped when son collapsed

My son and I spent a very pleasant evening celebrating the golden wedding of two special friends in the Ego Mediterranean restaurant.

Unfortunately, just as the celebration was coming to an end, my son began to feel very hot so he went outside for a breath of fresh air. Within a few minutes he collapsed, falling and cutting his head.

Fortunately, a nearby paramedic helped him and phoned for an ambulance. The hotel manageress also stayed with him to see that he was as comfortable as possible and then an official from the hotel next door kindly rescued our car from a parking spot in a nearby street and put it safely in the hotel car park so that it could be collected later.

The ambulance driver and attendant were also very kind and reassuring, making our trip to hospital less alarming.

We hear so much about the selfishness of people these days so I would like to put on record our gratitude for the kindness we received.

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Avoid debt

every day I see adverts of young men or women smiling from ear to ear saying they’ve had so much money wiped off their debts.

How sad that they even try to portray that they are now thousands less in debt. They still owe vast amounts, it just takes longer to pay off the interest.

I was always taught that if you can’t afford it, go without. But kids today have to have everything and more, more, more. Forget about tomorrow.

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