Bed delivery laid to rest

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FOUR thousand pounds, five days off work and umpteen promises of delivery – and Vicky Brook was still without her new mattress.

Vicky and husband Tony, of Gleadless, bought a £4,000 bed from Dreams of Drakehouse, but when they found it too hard they asked for a swap under the 40-day ‘comfort guarantee’.

That’s when the nightmare started.

Vicky used up five days of holiday waiting in for no-shows.

She rang and emailed customer services and went to the store, but got nowhere. In return she got an unannounced delivery of the wrong mattress, which she sent back.

And a rogue demand for a further £695 which she refused to pay, naturally.

Vicky said: “I asked to speak to management but was told they don’t speak to anyone on the phone. It’s been a total nightmare.”

ACTION Desk’s intervention worked like a, well, dream.

The correct mattress was delivered from London the day after our call.

And the company sent Vicky a cheque for £1,000 to cover her days off.

A Dreams spokeswoman said: “We have personally apologised to Ms Brook for the inconvenience caused and are happy to have resolved this matter quickly and to her complete satisfaction.”