Bean seen anew

Accused: Sean Bean as Tracie Tremarco
Accused: Sean Bean as Tracie Tremarco
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SEAN Bean; not just a pretty face. The Sheffield actor, famed for his tough guy roles in Sharp, Lord Of The Rings and Bond movie Goldeneye, had me at his first ’ello.

For most women - with the exception of his four wives - who harbour fantasies of rugged hunks, I’d say.

But we’ll never see him in the same light again after Tuesday. He stripped off his macho image and donned wig, lippie and heels to gave a performance of his life in BBC drama series Accused.

That famous craggy face, masked with foundation; that gritty Handsworth accent, blanket-stitched with effeminacy; Sean was teacher Simon and his racy, impulsive alter-ego, transvestite Tracie.

Sean in drag? In theory it sounded so wrong; but it turned out so right. This sad and moving tale of the consequences of living a lie was done with huge sensitivity; Bean dug deep.

Wise casting - and a wise move for Sean. It was surely the role that will change the course of his acting career.

Plus I hear he kept the stilettos.