Be proud of our Man Of Steel

Vince Middleton is Chairman of Newburgh Engineering.
Vince Middleton is Chairman of Newburgh Engineering.
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I hope that most people reading this will be aware of “Our Man of Steel” to be erected on a prominent hill overlooking Rotherham, Sheffield and the main arterial route from the south to the north.

He will stand as an irrefutable ambassador for our region reflecting on a proud past, an exciting present and a glorious future. He is OUR man of steel and is going to be there for all who worked in the steel and coal, all who work in advanced manufacturing and for all our children and the generations to come.

To those who doubt the value of creating such an iconic figure then please take note of the Angel of the North. It is loved by those in the region and has more than financially justified the expense, standing as a beacon to visitors acting as a reminder that they have arrived in a proud region.

There are a number of businesses doing what they can to support the project.

Rotherham council share the vision and understand that this will be a fantastic asset for their region. But I am still quite bemused by those organisations not openly showing their support. Councils and Trade Guilds that are supposed to be supporting manufacturing business in the region seem to be quiet in public and discouraging the project behind the scenes.

Maybe I am missing something here, maybe they know better than the people that I speak to and the advisors and analysts that project the feelgood factor and prosperity it would bring.

It is most likely that if we want to have our own icon for the region then we are going to have to do it ourselves, and it is not such a daunting task. We can start by putting our own names, and those that we love, on the heart of steel that will live on inside him for years to come. We need to get the message out that we will build our man of steel and we will do it because we want it and it is the right thing to do, politics aside.

Steve Mehdi, the sculptor and project driver, sees this as a community project for the people of the region, past, present and future, and I would ask that you visit the site and read why people have donated, it comes from the heart, If you want to help please let Steve and the world know.