Be pro-active to raves problem

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I AM upset and disappointed because yet again the residents of Darnall and Attercliffe have been subjected to an all night rave or party which started at midnight on May 1 and did not finish until 10am the next morning.

These events have been happening off and on for four years and nothing has been done. Incidents have been reported to the 101 service and police who say they will be vigilant and stop these events but they keep happening.

Last year a party took place, situated 10 minutes from Attercliffe Police Station (The Don Valley Bowl).

I know if this was in the Dore and Totley area, the problem would have been rectified. Darnall and Attercliffe? Who cares if the residents are kept awake all night?

I would like a more pro-active approach to this problem.

Doreen Goodwin, S9