Battling Kelly an inspiration

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KELLY Green is a girl in a million.

The 16-year-old was partially blinded in a freak accident when a car airbag hit her in the face and she is having to learn to live with her disability.

Many of us would feel sorry for ourselves and wonder ‘why me?’ if we were struck by such bad luck.

But not Kelly.

The Dronfield girl has responded to the challenges she faces with enthusiasm and grit, putting to shame many of us who moan and complain about our daily lot when we really have very few problems to contend with.

Doctors are continuing operations in the hope that, one day, the Eckington School pupil will see again with her left eye. In the meantime her positive approach has prompted neighbours to raise funds for her to buy specialist equipment and a guide-dog to help her with day-to-day living.

The Star sends its best wishes to Kelly in the hope of her regaining some sight with doctors’ help and a ‘well done’ to her neighbours whose efforts to help Kelly improve her life show the best of community spirit.

Kelham Island merits sensitivity

WE love Kelham Island.

Once the engine room of Sheffield in the Industrial Revolution, this gritty hive of industry fell into dilapidation but is enjoying a spectacular revival.

With one of the country’s most impressive museums, excellent traditional pubs and classy eating establishments, it’s a tourist attraction of which we can be proud.

Plans to redevelop another large slab of industrial wasteland are to be welcomed - but let’s not get too excited yet.

First and foremost, the new apartments and businesses must be designed sympathetically. We have modern apartments down by the River Don that fit in well with the older heart of Kelham Island. No-one wants to see garish modern buildings mar the streetscene just to keep building costs down.

Secondly, are we sure there is a market? Our city has plenty of apartments standing empty. Unoccupied buildings won’t add to Kelham Island’s charm.

Job well done

THE success of this city’s National Citizen Service scheme is a delight to report.

Teenagers who organised sporting activities for children, reading and crafts for toddlers, helped clear the River Don and created an art mural have done excellent and worthy work, which benefits all involved.