Barnsley murder accused tells jury OAP ‘jumped into knife’

Liam Naylor
Liam Naylor
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A young dad accused of murdering a 75-year-old grandma by stabbing her more than 40 times told a jury she ‘jumped into the knife’.

Liam Naylor, aged 23, denies murdering his friend Keeley Sweeney’s grandmother, Dorothy Walker, at her home on April 1.

The eight stone pensioner suffered more than 40 stab and slash injuries in the attack and was found with a carving knife protruding from her neck.

Giving evidence in his defence at Sheffield Crown Court, Naylor, a father-of-two, told the jury he’d gone to ‘Dotty’s’ home to steal money to pay for a night out – at the request of his lover and friend Keeley, Mrs Walker’s granddaughter.

Describing the attack at Mrs Walker’s Birkwood Road, Cudworth, home he said: “She basically jumped at me and punched me. As she did so she just jumped into the knife.”

Naylor told the jury he was scared of Keeley, and had agreed to go to her gran’s home to steal money even though he didn’t want to.

When he arrived he said he told Mrs Walker that Keeley had sent him to borrow £20.

He said he and the OAP sat in the living room watching CSI – a police crime scene investigation show – and smoking roll-ups.

He said he then went to the toilet, and hid about £80 to £100 which he’d found on her bed, in her jewellery box to collect later.

Naylor, of Junction Street, Barnsley, said Mrs Walker then went upstairs and, when she came down, attacked him and called him a thief.

“In the corner of my eye there was a shiny thing. I glanced over and I saw the knife in her hand,” he claimed. “She told me to get out, called me a thief and I was basically telling her to calm down.”

Naylor said Mrs Walker accused him of stealing her money and started ‘swinging’ for him with the knife.

“I was terrified, I didn’t know what to think,” he said.

Naylor said he twice tried to grab the knife from her and cut himself.

Asked why he didn’t just leave, he said: “She had a knife in her hand. For all I know I could have turned and had a knife in my back.”

Naylor said he disarmed the pensioner but she started ‘swinging’ for him and tried to grab the knife.

“I just lifted the knife up and told her to calm down. She basically jumped at me and punched me. As she did so she just jumped into the knife,” he said.

He said at that point he ‘flipped’ and had no memory of what happened next, although he accepted he must have stabbed her while she was on the floor, strangled her, and punched her.

Naylor said he put a cushion under Mrs Walker’s head, went upstairs, got the money, and then left the house and went to meet his friends.

The trial continues.