Bank waives charges imposed on customer’s accou nt

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Robert Brunt was stressed and upset when he contacted Action Desk 
about charges imposed 
on his account by Lloyds Bank.

He had been charged £56 in fees for being overdrawn by £13.28.

Mr Brunt, of Beighton, had two payments coming out of his bank at the beginning of October.

However, what he had not planned for was the £20 bank charges for a returned direct debit – which he claims he was not told about and which pushed him into his overdraft.

Lloyds Bank were demanding the £56, but Mr Brunt says he simply cannot pay it and phoned his bank to explain.

He had recently suffered a heart attack and feared the additional stress would make him ill again.

Mr Brunt said: “If I 
have to pay this I’ll have to go without food, gas or 
electric, but the bank wasn’t bothered that they are causing a heart attack victim stress and upset with this.”


A Lloyds Bank spokesman said: “We always write to customers a month 
before we debit charges to ensure they have sufficient notification before the money leaves their 

“We recognise that, although the charges have been applied to Mr Brunt’s account correctly, the amount he is currently due to pay – £56 – does represent a significant sum to him.

“We are able to waive £50 of the fees so Mr Brunt only repays us £6 on this occasion.

“However, because we have already waived similar fees for Mr Brunt recently, this will be the final time we will be able to take this course of action.

“We strongly encourage Mr Brunt to contact 
us so we can provide him with the additional 
support offered by our 
dedicated customer 
services team.”