Bank chief’s fraud sentence is slashed

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A Sheffield bank manager who ‘squirreled away’ £45,000 of wealthy clients’ money to fund his own high-rolling lifestyle has had his sentence slashed by more than a year.

Liam Allmand, aged 27, was jailed for four and a half years at Sheffield Crown Court in January after admitting nine counts of fraud.

Mr Justice Supperstone told London’s Appeal Court that Allmand committed his crimes while working as a ‘premier relationship manager’ for Barclays Bank.

Allmand, based at the bank’s offices in Pinstone Street, Sheffield, looked after the accounts of some of the bank’s wealthier customers.

But he betrayed their trust by plundering their accounts on nine different occasions - the last when the account holder had recently died.

He used sophisticated methods to conceal his thefts, said the judge and was only found out after an intensive internal investigation by the bank.

Nearly £46,000 had been squirreled away which Allmand used to ‘support a comfortable and lavish lifestyle’.

Mr Justice Supperstone said his crimes had caused very substantial losses but nevertheless concluded the total sentence was too long.

Allmand, now of Floribunda Drive, Northampton, had his term reduced to 40 months.