Ban fireworks sale to public

Bonfire Night.
Bonfire Night.
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I would just like to say a few words regarding the sale of fireworks to celebrate failure as is the case with Guy Fawkes night.

In these times of terrorism and heightened security issues, I do note that anyone can purchase as much explosive material as one wants without question at this time of year.

Every year, the fireworks are sold way before the day and for at least a month we have to put up with the noise and pollution not forgetting the stress that our animals have to go through and in some cases, damage to property.

Surely it is about time that the sale of fireworks to the general public is banned and made only available to licensed pyrotechnics for public display.

Failing that, there should be a register of purchasers, the amount bought etc.

It is easy enough to create a bomb from household products without allowing the selling of an almost unlimited supply of gun powder without any accountability for a celebration of failure that should be confined to the history books.

Will we be celebrating the next terrorists in the same way if they succeed blowing up Parliament?

Derek Hutchinson

Watch Street, Sheffield, S13