‘Bad’ Company?

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after reading your recent review of Company at the Crucible we thought we would book and see it over Christmas.

What a huge mistake, it was absolutely rubbish. If you are going to the trouble to print a review on a production then surely if it’s poor then you should say so or what’s the point.

Even allowing for a differance of opinion, this production was boring and definitely not funny.

We left at the interval not wishing to waste another hour of our time.

As your reader M Tonks said in his letter whoever thought this production was a good idea for the festive period should be held accountable.

As for your review I can only assume your reviewer fell asleep in the first five minuteds and woke up when this fiasco was over.

H Ambler

I read the letter by M Tonks with utter disbelief. Having seen Company on two occasions my first thought was, did this person actually see the show? All the critics, both local and national, awarded this production between 4 and 5 stars. Plus the audience reaction on my visits suggested one heck of a good show.

This type of letter not only slurs the theatre but is also written by someone one imagines has been perhaps dragged along and didn’t know what they were going to see.

Expecting Me & My Girl 2 perhaps? Anyone who follows theatre will know that there is no point simply repeating the same format year after year and wearying the audience to expect mindless fluff, not that there’s anything wrong with a fluffy show now and again.

This production demonstrates just how much trust Sheffield Theatres puts into its director’s hands. Company is a remarkable show, written by one of the true genuises of modern theatre and anyone who has yet to see this production should make all haste to see it. I would hate for anyone to be put off by this ignorant set of comments by M Tonks, who I suggest pops next door and sees the panto. It might be more to his/her intellectual level.

Ashley Johnson, Sheffield 9