Bad behaviour is all around us

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Thank you to Coun Clarkson and The Star for highlighting the problems of anti-social behaviour.

It is not only bad in the Stocksbridge area but all over Sheffield.

The whole, lengthy system needs a good overhaul. It has been a farce from start to finish. Lots of diary sheets filled in, little or no action by Sheffield Homes except to tell the complainant that it is their own fault for being too quiet.

Sheffield Homes produce a booklet, Tackling Harassment and Anti-Social Behaviour. The whole of page two is full of promises about not tolerating anti-social behaviour, taking complaints seriously and promising swift and effective action.

The housing manager may quote from it but unfortunately for those suffering it is all talk and no action. He states they have increased the number of age-banded properties over the last few years. What he doesn’t say is that in a lot of the blocks of four flats there are still the original under-60s living in one or more flats, hence the problems.

A disgruntled tenant

My statement

Coun.Colin Taylor of East Ecclesfield refers to my letter (Aug 3), in which I made a statement about a new crossing at Monteney School, thanking Sheffield City Council for implementing something that the last council did not activate; a true statement. So why does Colin Taylor go ranting on about Chapeltown park, swimming baths and the roads? Could this be a touch of guilt on his part?

Mick Gethin, Westbury Avenue Chapeltown

Lovely driver

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve boarded a bus only to be greeted by a miserable face, a grunt and my change slammed down. So what a pleasure it was to get on the 123 bus on Monday, Aug 8, which arrives at Beighton at 7:33am. This driver always has a smile, wishes you a good morning and, when you get off, always says: “Have a lovely day at work.” He is a credit to this bus service.

S Fuller, Beighton