Back to school road safety warning across South Yorkshire

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A South Yorkshire organisation which works to prevent death and injury on the roads is urging parents to teach their children road safety messages as the new school year gets underway.

The South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership is also asking motorists to look out for children on the roads and park considerately outside schools.

Each year the number of pedestrians injured in South Yorkshire rises during September and October.

Joanne Wehrle, safer roads education manager at the partnership, said: “Attitudes to road safety are formed at a young age and we would urge parents and teachers to continue to prioritise teaching our youngest road-users about how to stay safe on the roads.

“Young people are most at risk of being knocked down between the ages of 10 and 14 years old, as they move up to secondary school and start to travel more independently.

“Parents can prepare their children for the journey to school by discussing issues relevant to the child’s age from holding hands to crossing between parked cars and the use of pedestrian crossings.”

The partnership suggests parents help their children plan a safe route to school, especially if they are just starting secondary school and travelling independently.

For those cycling to school, parents are urged to make sure their bicycle is in good working order and their child is wearing high visibility clothing. 
Cyclists should also wear a correctly fitted cycle helmet.

Parents, drivers and other road users are urged to be extra vigilant for children outside schools at opening and closing times, and to be patient when pedestrians are crossing the road.

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