Back the 20mph speed limit plan

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IT’S difficult to believe that so many people in Sheffield could be so against the 20mph (proposed) speed limit.

Well, I suppose they can’t have ever been to the Children’s Hospital A&E Department.

And they don’t park their cars illegally at junctions or appreciate the problems of the old.

Nor can they tolerate an extra two minutes on their travelling times and have never ridden a bicycle on busy roads.

It’s also hard to believe that there are so many long-term, homeless people, some of who have served our communities and country.

Why, when we have to give £11 billion to overseas and much more to be a member of the EU?

I also believe that some people find it quite easy to avoid paying council tax and rent while our councils board up so many houses or demolish them.

Does the council really need to do this?

Also, why concern ourselves over the future of our royal family?

Our further integration into Europe may well decide that.

One final thought. One of the best writers to the Star is Vera Percy whose unique and sometimes eccentric style is never offensive.

I’m sure all Star associates will join me in wishing Vera a quick and full recovery following recent hospitalisation.

Mike Dodgson

Sheffield S6