Baby name game shame

No name: Chantelle and Alex.
No name: Chantelle and Alex.
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Famous nobodies Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid still have no name for their baby daughter.

Now, lots of new parents get indecisive about names. It’s a big step, you need to get it right, otherwise the kid (like the one formerly known as Zowie Bowie) will be cursing you blue until it can dash off to change it by deed poll as soon as it hits 16, to something like Sam, or Julie.

That’s what I expect of kids now getting stuck with surnames as Christian names, or monikers like Edna and Alfred, so ugly and old, trendies have decided they are cool.

I myself deliberated long over my son’s name. There were four days of prevaricating before my auntie, a Dallas fan (it was big at the time), suggested a name from the show (and no, it wasn’t Dusty).

But the Houghton-Reid baby (another pet hate, the sudden rise in posh-sounding double-barrels) is a month old.

Can’t decide, my dimpled backside.

They’ll be playing the celebrity tittle-tattle mags off against each other for the scoop, that’s all.