Attack on the working

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There have been comments in the press and the media claiming that the removal of working tax credit is an attack on working people.

Surely it is the opposite.

It is working people that are paying for this benefit.

Why should working people subsidise businesses who do not pay their workers a proper wage.

The Child Poverty Action Group has published a list of occupations that receive working tax credit and among them there are bank clerks, dental nurses, solicitor clerks and vet nurses all working for businesses more than capable of paying their staff the full amount.

I understand that there are 80,000 families with five or more children who receive working tax credit.

Why should working people, who maintain a modest family, subsidise the feckless, who have as many children as they want and expect the state to pick up the tab?

Recently on a Channel 5 documentary there was a man who had been told by the Koran to have as many children as he could.

He had 11, and he hadn’t worked for 10 years but received £27,000 a year in tax-free benefits.

The action of the unelected Lords to halt the removal of the working tax credit was in fact a move against working people, although clearly some adjustments were necessary.

J Bunting