At what Price?

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I remember it like yesterday when they closed the library on Barnsley Road, Parson Cross, the old people sobbing because it was a meeting place for them, I felt for them for they were old and we all grow old.

I remember the letter by Councillor Price blowing the trumpet as to why they had to shut the library.

Now we have all these facts by Peter as to why they have to chop down the trees again it affects the people of our city, that is not good for those he represents and it is a poor price to pay.

Fer the record Peter, Tha knows that piece of land on Grange Mill Lane? It’s in thy constituency and that’s weer the sports field is, frum bruk ta wall on Grange Mill.

Nar that is were tha shud be lookin, an leave piggin trees alone.

Elderly person

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