Asda online price not what it seemed

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HAS Angela Burely revealed a problem with Asda’s price guarantee online?

She ordered her weekly shop on the internet and the basket showed £45. But when it was delivered two days later she was charged £50.

Asda charges internet customers shop prices on the day of delivery. Some items had gone up. Fair enough.

But her ‘10 per cent cheaper promise’ - which pays shoppers the difference if Asda isn’t 10pc cheaper than rivals - used the original basket prices so there was no difference to pay.

Angela, of Woodhouse Mill, said: “I know it’s only £5. But are they doing this to everyone? It was an 11 per cent increase, so they weren’t even 10pc cheaper than themselves!”

An Asda spokeswoman said the comparison could only be done using a receipt. Angela must be mistaken. Angela insists it was done automatically when she logged in. We’ll keep you posted.