Armed son threatens to kill ‘all of family’

Locked up: Tony Cooper, 18.
Locked up: Tony Cooper, 18.
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A TEENAGER who set off to slit the throats of his mother and family was stopped in his tracks when Doncaster police disarmed the knifeman with pepper spray.

Tony Cooper repeated his threats to kill his relatives at their Balby home – because they ‘didn’t care about him’ – no fewer than 14 times after getting drunk on two-and-a-half litres of vodka.

The 18-year-old spent Christmas behind bars after a judge told Cooper, of Dennison Road, Hexthorpe, his behaviour was ‘wholly inexcusable’.

He received a total of 18 months in a young offenders’ institution for offences of making threats to kill and possessing an offensive weapon in the early hours of September 1.

His mother was in court to see him sentenced and is said to be still giving him her support despite his threats.

Prosecutor James Byatt told Doncaster Crown Court how Cooper had been drinking as much as 2.5 litres of vodka before he decided to call 999 and told the operator he was heading to Rose Avenue, Balby, to ‘kill them all’.

He gave his own name and address and in the recorded conversation threatened 14 times to kill his mother, sister, young nieces and nephews, and his sister’s boyfriend.

“They’re all going to be dead if you lot are not here before I get there. I’m going to slit their throats,” Cooper stated.

Mr Byatt said the defendant was still talking on his phone to the 999 operator as he walked along Balby Road when police found him and used their parva spray to overpower him and take the serrated bread knife he was carrying.

“Just let me kill them, they don’t care about me,” he said.

Mr Byatt said Cooper told police he had not spoken to his mother for months and ‘something sparked in my brain and I thought I’d kill them and would slice my mum’s throat’.

Defence solicitor Karen Tunnicliffe said Cooper was young when he became a binge drinker and a user of cannabis after trying to come to terms with the traumatic death of a family member in his presence.

“These offences were a cry for help and his mum believes he would never have carried out those threats. Their relationship has been strengthened by what has happened.

“He was feeling some kind of abandonment at that time and he is entrenched in his view that he would not have hurt anybody else.”

Judge Jacqueline Davies told Cooper: “What you did that night was wholly inexcusable and terrifying. Heaven knows what would have happened if you had got further.

“This is a worrying case and I cannot do anything other than impose immediate custody.”