Are we being conned by this government over cutbacks?

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Lately, there have been many letters and articles published in the Star from concerned citizens of Sheffield about the drastic effects financial restrictions are having on medical services and support systems.

Another such example is Westfield Centre Post Office, which is due to shut on November 1.

Where do folk now go to get their pension and benefit payments, never mind to send a parcel off?

The nearest Post Office from Westfield, is I believe, at Crystal Peaks. I assume the closure is down to the privatisation of Royal Mail.

All of this falls nicely in line with government policy, where the general philosophy is “private is good and efficient and public is bad and incompetent”.

This is all in the name of that bitter pill this Government wants us to swallow, with cuts to public spending that they say we need to get the economy moving again.

Are we being conned by this government?

I suggest we are. We are the sixth richest economy in the world.

I believe the average UK citizen is one of the most heavily taxed individuals on the planet. Big business is quick to pass on price rises, quoting anything from bad crops to salary increases, yet take ages to drop prices only when they have to.

Yes, we do have great institutions like the NHS that need paying for but we’ve always managed to find the money in the past because Government priorities have been right. At the moment they are not.

It is not a problem to find money to send overseas for development aid it seems or to fund RAF jets to do reconnaissance flights over Iraq or to spend £63 billion (latest estimate) on HS2 to knock a measly 20 minutes off journey times to London.

We have the money but it is not being spent in the right areas.