Are these bus lane shenanigans?

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Last year a proposal was put forward for two new bus lanes to assist the flow of traffic in two areas, the first is at the junction of Blackstock Road and Gleadless Road, the other is on Spencer Road to Havelock railway bridge.

I do admit the traffic does get heavy in both places but ONLY at peak times, in total around four hours per day.

This does not warrant the digging up of green areas and chopping down mature trees, as many people have commented on social media, it’s the Havelock railway bridge that governs the flow of traffic at Heeley it only allows two lanes, end of story but in the past three months I, and many others have noticed that the traffic lights that stand at the junction of Queens Road, Shoreham Street and Havelock bridge have had their sequence changed.

On any given day, the traffic lights governing the flow of traffic both ways on Queens Road, allow in total over sixty vehicles to pass through the before the lights change to allow traffic to pass over Havelock bridge and from Shoreham Street, but only a total of up to fifteen cars are allowed through the lights, both ways, before they change, which in turn makes traffic back up in a queue to the Millennium Park, which never happened before, this is all through the day, before it only backed up at peak times.

This traffic flow was never like this before the bus lane proposals, so has traffic management been ask to alter the timing of he lights to give the council a better argument on this ongoing farce about needing new bus lanes?

It certainly makes me wonder is something underhanded going on.

Vin Malone

by email