Are the wrong people doing the wrong job?

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I am amazed that business appears to be so good for three of Sheffield’s travel firms that they had the perfect customers with a budget and a willingness to be guided on a last-minute holiday – and none of them succeeded in securing anything suitable.

My son and daughter-in-law recently returned from Afghanistan after almost seven months of enduring blisteringly hot weather, appalling living conditions and long hours seven days a week – and now on some well-deserved leave, decided to try and book a last- minute holiday deal.

They had a budget, a list of places to avoid because they’d been there and wanted to go somewhere new, and they could go at any time.

This should have been a dream for any travel agent.

However, the first two were almost rude in their assumption that the last-minute holiday was because these prospective customers were lazy and couldn’t be bothered to book anything earlier, and the third one seemed oblivious to their list of places to avoid and kept pressing ahead with the deal she could get for somewhere they’d already been.

In the end they both came away disappointed they had no holiday to look forward to and dismayed with the lack of professionalism of these travel agents.

Is business booming so much that they don’t need hard-working, honest customers or are the wrong people in the wrong job?

Sue Mitchell