Archaeology Service saved

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following our letter concerning South Yorkshire Archaeology Service, we are pleased to report that Sheffield Council has withdrawn its attempt to impose a unilateral 50 per cent cut to its contribution to the budget and will now honour the 15 per cent cut previously agreed by all four South Yorkshire authorities.

While this still represents a severe cut to the budget of a small and hard-pressed service, it does mean that all areas of the county will continue to benefit from the work of the service and planning applications will be monitored for their impact on our historic environment.

We therefore welcome the acknowledgement of the importance of the Archaeology Service from the city council. We also look forward to the restitution of the cuts, if the economic situation improves.

Louisa Mathews, Jenifer

Marchant, Chris Cumberpatch, Bill Bevan

Wicker’s woes

We’ve all heard about the problems on the Wicker: bus gates, ring road, new Tesco. Now it appears they have a new problem. I travelled to the Wicker by bus to visit the mobility shop, only to find this time it wasn’t so easy.

The bus couldn’t get into the bus stop for parked cars and a van and, worst of all, when I got off I found a van on the pavement blocking the walkway as well as wooden pallets and cardboard all over and fruit and veg being piled up and sold from the pavement.

Come on city council get your act in order. Millions have been spent on the Wicker and this is a disgrace.

JA Walker, Firth Park