Apprentice and a hair-trigger...

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Does every female fired from The Apprentice boardroom head straight to the hairdresser’s?

Last night, Edna got the bullet – and the next day, she popped up on breakfast telly looking better than she ever did for S’ralan.

With a chic, sharp cut and new make-up, she’d joined the long line of women to book in for an image makeover immediately after getting the boot.

We could go all deep and meaningful and theorise that so intrinsically linked is a woman’s self-esteem and her appearance, the Apprentice girls think their looks were in some way to blame for her failure.

But I reckon it’s much more superficial than that. Once they’ve been ousted, they go home, pour over the playbacks and, just like we would do, they realise their mirror had lied. How they saw themselves was not how they looked to the world.

Right the way through, I’d wanted to wipe that awful, shell-pink sheen from Edna’s lips and wrench the curling tongs from her hands.