Appalled at the strike coverage

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I AM appalled by the coverage of the rally undertaken by the teachers and unions last Thursday.

The rally could be nothing but peaceful in light of the responsibility we, as teachers, have with respect to ensuring we are excellent role models to our students.

The students I teach were very supportive of my involvement of striking for the day, it was categorically not for a day off as there was only one year group not in on the day and many of them freely joined us at the rally to support our cause.

Perhaps if you gave a more balanced perspective of the rally instead of trying to sensationalise it for increased sales.

We personally used to purchase the paper but find it more like the Sun than The Star.

Dorne Carr (proud to be a teacher and proud to be standing up for the rights of workers)

I ATTENDED the rally and march on Thursday, as a teacher and member of the NUT and as a member of the Green Party, which is the only party supporting fair pensions.

I witnessed the anger of jobless brickie Mr Cartwright and would have talked with him if he had been in a mood to listen.

I hope he reads this.

Basically, I agree with him. Unemployment is rising and he is in one of the trades suffering more than most since new social housing has been cut by 60 peer cent. I too would be frustrated and angry if I had only had two weeks’ work in the year.

I was upset to hear others booing him off; we should recognise that the actions this government has taken have led to his (and others’) unemployment as well as to cuts to our pensions.

The Tory Party seeks to set us against each other to make it easier to dismantle the welfare state and to sell off the jewels in its crown; hospitals and schools, universities and colleges.

We must stick together, and resist that urge to blame those whose fault it isn’t. Together, we can maintain sufficient pressure to resist their attempts.

I invite Mr Cartwright and others who felt the same to consider this.

Your battle is our battle. We need you with us.

Peter Garbutt, Raleigh Road, S2