Apologies sent to Stagecoach

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Last week I wrote in complaining of the revised pricing on Stagecoach’s 120 service and the impact on its customers.

I now realise that my facts were somewhat wide of the mark. The return fare ticket option will be withdrawn, which will increase costs for people travelling on a daily basis.

For passengers, like me, who undertake the trek into the city on a weekly basis, there is a weekly ticket that will mean a slight price hike.

So apologies to Stagecoach for my rant. My ignorance of pricing on this route not only means I had this wrong, but I have been spending £10 a week on daily tickets when I could have saved money by getting a weekly £9 ticket.

One final thought, if the 120 follows a revised route at the Fulwood end will this not be a problem for the many elderly folk who use this service?

Does Stagecoach really need to change the route again? Surely picking off trade from First’s No 51 service is an argument for retaining the current route?


Pulling my hair out over shower

can someone help can? Keir and Pennine expect me to go 10 days without a shower.

On Monday, June 13, they took my shower down knowing we had no bath and it was the only means four adults had to have a wash.

Twice, people from Keir promised that my shower would be working.

Today they came to put my tiles back on but they have now said my shower won’t be done until Thursday - that means four adults have not had any means to have a proper wash.

I’m pulling my hair out. What can I do?

Susan Woodhouse

Mistake to vote

is Nick Clegg not ashamed to be part of a unelected goverment that steals money from cancer sufferers and plans to close a children’s heart hospital in Leeds? Well I’m ashamed that I ever voted for him - and it’s a mistake I won’t ever repeat again.

Jody Ann Morris, Hallam