Another night of racial mayhem

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Will our society keep sleepwalking towards anarchy? It seems the answer is ‘Yes’. All citizens of this country should be equal under the law, irrespective of race.

Therefore those who indulge in criminal lawlessness should be subject to the full force of the law.

However, we have a situation where some elements of those of a different colour behave in a cowardly lawless manner knowing that the police are afraid to be accused of ‘racial discrimination’ and therefore will not act appropriately.

This is aggravated by the legal profession who use ‘racial discrimination’to further line their pockets and inhibit the police service.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to remove ‘racial discrimination’from the criminal law altogether.

Then the cowards that plague our streets would realise they have no more licence than anyone else to behave in an uncivilised manner.

The police would no longer be restrained by a ‘silly law’ and would have to justify their actions purely on the evidence.

A decent society has to have strong laws and equal treatment for all its citizens.

Discipline and self-discipline are its cornerstones.


Derbyshire Lane, Sheffield, S8