Animal welfare on the agenda

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One notable thing about this election is that it seems animal welfare is on the agenda.

On wildlife crime, the Conservatives pledge to continue their strong work in the battle to combat the illegal wildlife trade, Labour recognises the importance of fighting wildlife cybercrime, and the Lib Dems and Greens want to increase penalties so that wildlife crime does not pay.

Protection for British wildlife varies widely between parties.

If the Conservatives win, the controversial badger cull may be extended across the country, while Labour and the Greens would abandon it and the Liberal Democrats say they’ll look at the evidence from the pilot culls.

Labour and the Greens have pledged to protect the hunting ban, the SNP (whilst it doesn’t mention it in their manifesto) opposes hunting with dogs, while the Conservatives want to ‘give Parliament the opportunity to repeal the Hunting Act on a free vote’.

Of course, many individual candidates go further than their own parties in their support for animal welfare, including an increasing number of anti-hunt Conservaties.

If animal issues matter to you we can help you decide where to place your cross.

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Philip Mansbridge

UK Director of International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)