Anger over the ‘lawless’ parking on busy Doncaster street

Parking fury: Netherhall Road resident Adrian Hilton claims this stretch of Doncaster road is 'lawless' due to illegal parking.
Parking fury: Netherhall Road resident Adrian Hilton claims this stretch of Doncaster road is 'lawless' due to illegal parking.
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A ‘LAWLESS’ stretch of Doncaster road is causing distress for residents because of the number of illegally parked vehicles – causing children and pensioners to walk on the busy highway.

Residents have complained to the authorities and Adrian Hilton, of Netherhall Road, claims he has been raising concerns for months about the problem, with no response from officials.

He said the stretch between Christchurch Road and Broxholme Lane was a particular hot spot for illegally parked cars, delivery vehicles blocking pavements and drivers mounting the kerbs.

He said: “This is causing a great number of people in the area a great deal of distress. Pedestrians often have no footpath – women with children, and pushchairs, are walking on the road.

“I have contacted Doncaster Council on several occasions throughout the past months, also Doncaster Police, and neither has responded to the situation.”

He claimed: “Traffic wardens won’t patrol this area, yet they are quick to ticket a vehicle that has run three minutes over just 100 metres away at Sunny Bar.

“Last week I witnessed two elderly pensioners who had to walk on the road to get past.

“Yesterday a car pulled out and, while turning up Christchurch Road, was in collision with another vehicle – but neither stopped and they simply carried on driving.”

He said: “I have described this stretch of Netherhall Road as ‘lawless’ and passed this comment on to the police yet still no action is taken and I wonder how long before there is a fatality involving a pedestrian?

“This is a serious hazard and needs to be addressed urgently.”

Peter Dale, Doncaster Council’s Director of Regeneration and Environment, said: “Doncaster Council takes a proactive approach to enforcing parking restrictions throughout the borough including the Netherhall Road area. Our civil enforcement officers regularly patrol the borough and issue penalty charge notices where motorists have parked on the highway and have breached parking regulations.”

Between January 1 and September 30 there were 169 tickets issued on Netherhall Road, 139 on Broxholme Lane, and 290 on Christchurch Road.

South Yorkshire Police declined to comment.