Anger after heart patient faces action over parking

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DONCASTER Council bosses are warning disabled motorists they face action if they fail to display their badges properly.

It comes as the family of a disabled man told of their anger after the council threatened to send bailiffs in after he failed to pay a parking fine.

Cliff Wood, of Winteringham, near Scunthorpe, was handed a parking ticket after his car was found parked with its disabled badge positioned back to front on the windscreen.

He has a heart problem, and called the council to explain.

His wife, Denise, said he thought the matter had been sorted out after the phone call and did not expect to hear any more about the matter.

But Mr Wood, who has had 10 heart attacks, received a demand for £275 six months ago, and the fine went on to rise to £500 as it continued to go unpaid.

Mrs Wood said: “Doncaster Council don’t care about the vulnerable of society. The stress could kill my husband. We’ve not got £500.”

Director of regeneration and environment Peter Dale said: “Dr Wood has been given multiple opportunities to appeal this fine over the past 18 months but has not done so at any point.

“Should he be able to provide evidence that he had a valid blue badge we will be able to re-visit the case.

“Anyone with any questions about parking fines can call our dedicated hotline on 01302 735 041.”

Doncaster Council says Disabled badges have two sides, one with a photo, the other with a reference number and expiry date.

A spokesman said in this case, In this case the badge was displayed photo-side up so enforcement officers could not check whether it was valid.

The authority says it will normally let people off for a ‘first offence’ of displaying blue badges incorrectly if they appeal. It added Blue badge fraud was a serious issue nationally and it was important its staff could badges to protect bone fide holders who rely on the system to get out and about.