‘Angels’ came to my rescue

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I’m aged 79 years old and slightly disabled. On August 20 I had a very bad fall at the Supertram stop.

A young fellow came to my assistance, and said he would not leave until an ambulance came. Every Supertram that passed, the driver and crew got off to help. Then a first aid man came to help, but could not give me painkillers.

When the ambulance came, they gave me morphine gas by mouth which did help. When I got to the hospital they found my right hip was broken.

Because I have many medical problems they took me into the intensive care unit where they stabilised me, because it was touch and go. They gave me a new hip joint.

I want to thank all the staff at Northern General, nurses, tea lady, cleaners, doctors and any I’ve forgotten. They looked after me like a baby.

If I had my way all these people who have helped me to recover should get the Victoria Cross. All angels and saints.

Norman Bellamy.