…and good luck to Next in their appeal

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People of Sheffield; always remember that the city is run by the council on our behalf. It is our city.

If the council reject the new Ikea, we should reject the objecting councillors at the next local elections.

Clive Betts (the man who would refuse to build Meadowhall if planning permission was to be requested today) needs to remember who pays for his luxurious lifestyle.

If he does not do all he can to ensure Ikea and the jobs they will bring are located in Sheffield, vote him out at the next general election.

Have no pity on these people as they are not looking after the interest of citizens of Sheffield.

The Star is doing a great job. Please continue to publish all names and positions of council members and MPs who are trying to hold back this city.

Good luck to Next in their appeal against the decision-making dinosaurs.

Terry Tiller

Kelham Island