Amey’s obligations to the council should be fulfilled

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Over the past three years or more many letters have been published in The Star relating to the felling of trees and the state of the pavements in Sheffield.

At least one councillor has resigned in this period due to an apparent incompatibility between himself and Amey in relation to Amey’s ability to deliver the goods, which presumably they hold a contract with the council to provide.

As a person who enjoys trees but lives in an area where they are not planted, and also the victim of a serious accident resulting from uneven/badly maintained pavements in my area I would suggest the following:

The uproar over the tree felling is justified, particularly because the claim that it is necessary to ensure safety on pavements and their users has not been demonstrated by the expected care and repair of pavements in areas where trees are not planted.

Care of pavements is defective even in cases where accidents have been reported.

Amey’s claim that they do not know who is responsible for pavements/repairs in situations where they have been dug up, because they do not know who dug them up, (this week’s Sheffield Gazette), needs investigation in the light of their contractual obligations to the council.

The council needs to make a concerted effort to ensure that Amey delivers the services contracted to them, rather than making this the responsibility of a single councillor, not least in order to secure value for our money.

A Marshall

Jaunty Place, S12