Allow more time to consult

Have your say

UNDER normal circumstances, we agree that four weeks’ notice is sufficient for people to make their views known about a planning proposal. But these are not normal circumstances.

The proposal to carve a link road through a Sheffield playing field is part of a major development of potentially county-wide significance.

The idea is to open up the Waverley site off the Parkway to give the green light for Rotherham Council’s extensive development plans for the site.

This is a major development by anyone’s reckoning and we believe more time should be set aside to make the consultation process completely transparent.

There are strong feelings over the scheme, both for and against, and the council ought to be engaging everyone in a meaningful and open-handed manner.

However, the middle of the main holiday period is not going to achieve that and many people may find they do not have sufficient time to make their views known.

Such a major and contentious scheme, particularly when local residents are fighting to preserve a precious playing field, ought to be placed before the public in a time scale which gives everyone the opportunity to contribute to the debate.

Showing patients they are important

OUR region is fortunate to have many fine medical facilities to help people overcome the most testing of conditions. But one of the most exceptional has to be the Teenage Cancer Trust unit at Weston Park Hospital, in Sheffield.

Today we feature the story of a young man who is undergoing treatment for a highly rare form of bone cancer and how his experiences have been made more palatable thanks to the care and attention he has received at this unit.

It allows staff to be particularly alert to the needs of certain patients and to respond accordingly.

This is a fine example of our health service seeing patients as individuals and making them understand that their care and welfare is the most important thing in the world.

Congratulations to all.

Kids show talent

THE High Hopes Community Group’s glee-style dance and music class is a great example of what local people can do to help themselves with a little support.

Courtesy of a grant from Sheffield Homes, the High Green group is going from strength to strength giving youngsters aged 11 to 17 chance to show off their talents.

Anyone concerned that youngsters in their area need something to fill their time needs look no further than High Green for a great example.