All that clutter? It’s creative

Albert Einstein thrived at an untidy desk
Albert Einstein thrived at an untidy desk
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Tidy desk, tidy mind?

Yeah, but what a boring and unoriginal brain you’ll have.

It’s official; the owners of the most cluttered desks in the office are the most creative.

Disorder is good for you; it inspires the mind to break free of convention, researchers found after assessing people given the same task in a spartan room and an cluttered one.

Many of life-ultra-high achievers have thrived behind messy desks, apparently. Me and Albert Einstein included.

People need to talk about this more. Get the mess-age out there. Because untidiness is still regarded as a sign of chaos and sloth by the likes of workers with pristine desks in, ooh, let’s just pluck a department out at random shall we, I.T.