All keep clear signs in Sheffield will be enforceable

'Keep Clear' road sign outside a school.
'Keep Clear' road sign outside a school.
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ALL yellow ‘School Keep Clear’ markings across Sheffield will become enforceable in the next ‘two to three years’, highways chiefs have pledged.

The councillor responsible for highways, Leigh Bramall, revealed a personal reason for wanting to see road safety around schools improved - because his young son was knocked down outside a nursery three years ago.

In July, The Star revealed markings at just 19 of 173 locations are covered by legal orders which allow fines to be issued for people parking on them.

Funding is now being set aside by council community assemblies to pay for legal orders at a small number of schools.

Several ‘School Keep Clear’ markings will also be made enforceable under seven new 20mph zones being set up at a cost of £280,000 in coming months.

A South Yorkshire Police safer neighbourhood team is also providing money to ensure the yellow markings can be enforced in the south of the city.

But well over 100 of the markings still await any action to create legal orders, which cost around £3,000 each - or more than £300,000 in total.

The council said it plans to deal with the remaining locations in ‘two or three tranches’ - making legal orders covering multiple locations to ‘substantially’ reduce the costs.

Coun Leigh Bramall said: “We will be looking to deal with a number of schools under a single order bringing a substantial saving on the £300,000 potential bill.

“The aim is to make all the markings enforceable within two to three years.

“I am supportive of improving road safety around schools and The Star’s It’s Your Child campaign which aims to ensure parents are parking responsibly because my son, Joseph, was knocked down.

“It happened outside the Old School House nursery, in Crosspool three years ago. My wife Tracy had opened the car door so the driver was going slowly.

“Joseph, now six, only suffered a bang to the head so was lucky.”

John Bann, Sheffield Council’s head of highways, said: “We have a budget of £30,000 for making these yellow lines enforceable over the current financial year and are looking to see what funding we will have available in the following two years to cover the cost.

The council says it intends to prioritise yellow lines outside schools which suffer the most from parking problems then deal with the rest.

Members of the public are being asked to name schools which are most in need of action and their nominations will be passed to the council.

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