Alien life forms are continually arriving here

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I read with interest the article by Mike Russell in the Star about the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

According to the report, alien life has been found in the upper reaches of the atmosphere. The scientists claim that alien life forms are continually arriving here from outer space.

This concept was initially postulated by SA Arrhenius in the early nineteenth century, who proposed that life may not have originated here at all, and that the first cells may have come from outer space.

This concept was taken up by Isaac Asimov and Poul Anderson over 50 years ago.

Anderson’s book Is there life on other worlds? published in 1963, is still an absolutely relevant and definitive work.

In his sub-chapter Panspermy, He alludes to this phenomenon and postulates that life may have indeed arrived from elsewhere in the universe, perhaps transported within the core of a meteorite.

This event only had to happen once, a distant, single fertile world could potentially seed the entire galaxy over the course of billions of years.

Own own galaxy, the Milky Way, contains perhaps 100 billion planets alone, greatly increasing the chances of this event occurring.

There may be many other plausible explanations for this discovery but it is fascinating to consider the possibilities.

J Duckenfield

Sheffield 5