Alan Biggs: Sheffield United shouldn;t have hid behind PFA request over Ched Evans

Ched Evans has returned to Sheffield United to train, following his prison release
Ched Evans has returned to Sheffield United to train, following his prison release
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Ched Evans and Sheffield United: I can only say what I THINK may happen. No point in repeating a personal viewpoint.

What I think is that, as many have long suspected, United will make an offer to re-sign Evans subject to his showing in training. Having him back at Shirecliffe is surely the thin end of a very large wedge. And I would GUESS it represents Kevin McCabe’s wishes more emphatically than co-owner Prince Abdullah’s. Was there pressure to keep rumoured private promises?

Alan Bigg Telegraph Web Tile

Alan Bigg Telegraph Web Tile

The long silence, finally broken, has demeaned the club. And better perhaps to have invited Evans back on their own account rather than appear to hide behind a PFA request they were under no obligation to grant.

Nigel Clough’s view? You can only imagine he could do without all this! If it’s down to his call on fitness, will the club have handed over a moral judgment that the manager has insisted must come from above?

I can only hope, as before, that the Ched powder keg does not blow up in the face of a promotion bid. I seriously doubt whether Evans will rehabilitate quickly enough to have much of a say in that – as a player.

That said, he is potentially valuable (very significant) and some fans have fairly asked whether the club would “rehabilitate” a fringe defender, for instance. I think we all know the answer to that – at nearly every club, which is why you can’t single out the Blades.

As a former Sheffield (Wednesday) manager once told me privately: “I’d have Jack the Ripper in my team if he could play.”

If football’s moral compass has to be re-set then it can only be done from the top. Not by individual clubs.