Alan Biggs: Roy Hodgson isn’t to blame for England’s early exit

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England out of the World Cup so let’s all do the easy thing: Call for the manager’s head. A new boss works every time, doesn’t it? Yeah, right. So what about doing the hard thing for a change? I’m talking about the public biting the same bullet as the FA who, for me, did absolutely the RIGHT thing when Greg Dyke stood up in public support of Roy Hodgson in his darkest hour.

Chairmen usually go missing in those moments. Dyke delivered his forthright message at a time when he must have known the anti-Hodgson brigade would have been at their most hostile.

England manager Roy Hodgson

England manager Roy Hodgson

People lose their heads talking about football, who doesn’t? We over-praise and we over-condemn dependent on one thing, the result. In this case, two results. Two defeats to send us packing from a World Cup group stage for the first time.

Okay, but what about the performances? Neither was rank.

The first was more promising than in many years, the second moderate but unhinged by the brilliance of just one man.

Put those displays into a computer and you’d maybe come out with a win and a defeat, or two draws, or a single point, any of which would have kept England fighting on.

Luck is a vital indefinable part of sport. Without it, you get a hysterical reaction... when we all know what’s really wrong with England. Too many foreigners in the Premier League and not enough development of our own talent. It is people considerably wealthier and more influential than Hodgson who are responsible for that.