Alan Biggs: Howard Webb’s class gave him chance of redemption

Referee Howard Webb
Referee Howard Webb
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You see it now in all walks of life. . . this idea that you have never “proved yourself.” Well, if Luiz Felipe Scolari hasn’t, after winning the World Cup with one country and reaching the final with another, the rest of us might as well give up.

Howard Webb could testify to that. Written off last season after a couple of admittedly questionable performances and yet (as I write this) in the running for an unprecedented second successive World Cup final engagement.

Of course, when you are as high profile as one of the world’s top referees or managers then any upset is going to be screamed so loudly it will temporarily drown out your many successes. That said, the 7-1 mauling Germany inflicted on Scolari’s Brazil was way off the scale. In 38 years of reporting football, I’ve only seen a couple of “sevens” and never more than that!

But that means the reaction is also off the scale. As it was, albeit to a somewhat lesser extent, when Webb wobbled a touch in the Premier League. Look at him again

now. As the old saying goes, form is temporary whereas class is permanent.

After two excellent performances, Rotherham’s finest has been held back as a possible for the final despite all the politics suggesting otherwise. I think it just goes to show that the high achievers in life deserve a little more tolerance and belief than many far less talented people are prepared to give them.