Aladdin book for just £2.99 next week with The Star

Swept into a world of laughter: Charlotte Bates, Megan Sharkey, Rebeccah Morton and Ava Akram.
Swept into a world of laughter: Charlotte Bates, Megan Sharkey, Rebeccah Morton and Ava Akram.
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GET ready for a magical journey into a world of romance, adventure, excitement and flying carpets!

On Tuesday readers of The Star can take a trip into the wonderful world of Aladdin, which was turned by Disney into one of the most popular films of the 1990s.

Disney graphic novel.'Aladdin

Disney graphic novel.'Aladdin

The movie has been adapted into a beautiful full colour graphic novel, the latest in our exclusive collection of 25 family favourites.

The 48-page hardback book is the third in our new series of Disney-Pixar hits which will build up into a superb library you’ll want to return to again and again.

Meet Aladdin, a young thief who lives in Agrabah where he meets Jasmine, the daughter of the Sultan.

He tries to save the beautiful princess from Jafar, the evil sorcerer, with the help of his mischievous pet monkey, Abu.

When the boy finds a magic lamp, a playful genie comes out and grants him three wishes that will change the course of his life.

Children at Greenhill Primary have been the first to enjoy a sneak preview of Aladdin and we asked pupil Megan Sharkey to give us her verdict.

The Year 6 pupil said: “This book is appropriate for children aged two and up. The monkey in it is quite funny and shall make the little children laugh as well as the older children.

“It made me laugh, cry and be serious all at the same time! You will be taken into the mind of Princess Jasmine or maybe Aladdin, and swept into a world of laughter.

“I loved this book because it made me laugh and the pictures are really good. Younger children will be able to read it, as it is all in comic style. I would recommend it to young children, older children and maybe even some adults.

“I would definitely give Aladdin ten out of ten. It has the perfect amount of text and the pictures are superb. ”

And there’s lots more to come. Next up in the series are Ratatouille, Wall-E, Up and A Bug’s Life.

Each book will be available on Tuesdays at the great low price of just £2.99.

The reverse of the book jacket can be turned into a poster, while there will also be sets of stickers to add to the fun.

Aladdin is available when you buy a copy of The Star from all participating retailers or from Star reception in York Street in the city centre.