Airport link road cash bid lodged with £1.4 billion development fund

Doncaster  Mayor Peter Davies.
Doncaster Mayor Peter Davies.
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DONCASTER has filed a bid to the Government for cash to help a planned airport link road.

Officials at Doncaster Council have submitted an application for Government cash under the Regional Growth Fund.

Mayor Peter Davies believes the road is the key to developing the borough’s economy.

He said: “In the past few months we have welcomed major companies in the borough such as Amazon and Scott’s Miracle Gro.

“To continue this private sector growth we have recently put in a bid to central government for Regional Growth Funding to pay for the FARRRS link road. This is key to generating further jobs and investment in the borough.”

The Government told the council it wanted more information about the plans when the scheme was looked at in the comprehensive spending review last year.

It was not in the list of projects the Government approved at the time.

The council recently gave planning permission to a housing estate on airport land, with the condition that the developer who builds the houses makes a contribution to the cost of the road, known as the Finningley and Rossington Regeneration Route Scheme, or FARRRS.

The Regional Growth Fund is a discretionary £1.4 billion fund that will operate for three years between 2011 and 2014.

The Government says it is to stimulate enterprise by providing support for projects and programmes with significant potential for creating long-term private sector-led economic growth and employment

In particular it intended to help areas and communities that are currently dependent on the public sector make the transition to sustainable private sector-led growth and prosperity.