Aimed at those who won't work

Having lived in the same house since birth, I become more disillusioned every time I walk with my wife and pet dogs through the park I've known since a lad.

More and more I see discarded rubbish and an ever increasing amount of dog poo left by irresponsible dog keepers, thrown down for someone else to sweep it up.

When will the yoblets be held to account for their mess?

The Government seems determined to make those who are long term unemployed, or perhaps bone idle, earn the money they so readily hold their hands out for. I've got the perfect solution: get them cleaning up their estates; should they choose not to take part, stop their benefits.

And before do gooders get on their pedestals, I am well aware that a good few of those on benefits are struggling to find work, or are unable to engage in work through ill health. This is aimed at those who have not, and more importantly, will not, get off their backsides to work.

Concerned Resident

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