Addressing your mast concerns

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Your article ‘Protests loom over phone mast plans’ (Mar 6) has residents asking for local consultation before mobile phone operators install new masts in their area. The operators agree.

In fact, the reason you found out about plans for new masts is that the operators send their plans to every planning authority in the country, precisely for such consultation.

When we send those plans, we specifically encourage planning departments to share the information with councillors and the public. That goes beyond legal requirements. We recognise that people do have concerns about where masts are sited and believe it’s important to address those concerns.

What we can’t do, however, is just site masts away from built up areas. As your article correctly says, these plans are about providing better coverage. No mast means no signal. That would leave many people unable to use a tool that’s now an essential part of daily life. That’s particularly true for those on low incomes, who are more likely to live in a mobile-only home.

John Cooke, Executive Director Mobile Operators Association