ACTION DESK: Wayne can sleep easy

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FOUR and a half grand on a black leather bed and a couple of wardrobes should have guaranteed Wayne Rippon years of deep sleep.

But he was still waiting for his five-star ride to the Land of Nod four months after paying for it.

The deal, at Dreams on Queens Road, Sheffield, saw the wardrobes arrive after three months, one with a damaged door.

But try as he might – and in 10 visits he certainly tried – he could not get delivery.

Wayne, of Basegreen Close, Basegreen, turned to Action Desk.

He said: “You’d think they’d try to keep a customer spending thousands of pounds happy. The impression I get is that the store is at the back of the queue when it comes to stores fulfilling orders.”

THERE was no sleeping on the job after a call from The Star – Wayne’s dream machine was delivered two days later, with a £400 refund.

And the wardrobe door has been fixed.

A Dreams spokeswoman said: “We are happy to confirm that Mr Rippon’s bed has now been delivered and this issue has been resolved to his satisfaction.”