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A round-up of Action Desk issues over the last month.

William Crookes, of Base Green, ordered a television table from The Range’s website on August 19.

But two weeks later he still had not received any information about the status of the item and so contacted Action Desk for help.

He said: “They tell me that it is on its way but I haven’t received it.

“I have tried to phone customer service but it is impossible to get through having waited on the phone for half an hour every day.

“They don’t inform you of what’s going on and they have got my £200.

“They fob you of if you email them, saying it is being processed in their system.”


Within a few hours of Action Desk contacting The Range, Mr Crookes received a phone call from the company with some bad news.

He said: “I have just had a phone call from The Range about my order for the television table and they say they haven’t got one in stock, which I find ridiculous that it’s taken over two weeks to find this out.

“I have told them to cancel the order and give me my money back which they say they will do. I think they started to do something when you got in touch with them, so I want to thank you for your help in this matter.”

Pensioner Joseph Anderson was being driven mad by his landline ringing several times a day.

Each time he answered it would say he is getting a text message to his landline, but then it says the message is blank, scrambled and non-transferable.

And when he tried to delete it, he was told he couldn’t.

Mr Anderson, of Greenhill, said: “My wife and I have been getting these message to our landline two to three times a day. It is driving us mad. They come through on a number which I’ve Googled and it comes up with Twitter. I created an account with them a while back, and contacted them a few weeks ago because I had forgotten my password.

“The messages have been coming since then.”


After Action Desk contacted Twitter, a representative emailed suggestions as to how Mr Anderson could potentially rectify the problem, including changing his password, and checking the settings to see if he had entered his landline number, instead of his mobile.

Mr Anderson said: “Thank you, Sam. Password changed successfully, I hope that works.”

Alan and Diana Twigg had not had a working landline for more than two weeks when he contacted Action Desk for help. The couple care for Mr Twigg’s disabled parents, who live nearby at Manor Top, so need a working phone line so they can keep in touch.

Mr Twigg said: “Sometimes it sounds like it is calling and the other times the line goes completely dead altogether.

“It’s no good. We looked after my disabled parents who live at Manor Top so need the phone.”

“BT did some work about a fortnight ago. They said they had mended the fault and everything has been sorted, but it isn’t.”


A BT spokesman said: “We are very sorry for the loss of service and the length of time taken to complete repairs.

“Some civil engineering was required in order for an underground cable to be completely replaced.

“This work is now done and service is back up and running.”

A TalkTalk customer is warning people about a telephone scam after he lost £170 to fraudsters.

The man, from Deepcar, was contacted by scammers who claimed to be from TalkTalk and had his name, his partner’s name, address and account numbers.

They told the man to turn on his laptop and went on to hack into his bank account – stealing £170.30.

He said: “I’m not normally gullible, but they already had so many details about me. They even had our account numbers. We are lucky that they only managed to take £170.30, but for some strange reason the money came out of our current account and into our savings account.

“If they had taken all that then it would have been a lot more. I want people to be aware of what happened, so it doesn’t happen to them.”