Action Desk: Pensioner feared fall due to uneven paving

The rear to Edward Walkers home that is regularly flooded due to faulty slabs
The rear to Edward Walkers home that is regularly flooded due to faulty slabs
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A pensioner was in fear of slipping on uneven paving slabs outside his home when he called Action Desk for help.

Edward Walker, of Intake, reported the sunken paving stones outside the front door of his ground floor flat to Sheffield Council four months ago.

Despite inspectors visiting the 87-year-old’s property and agreeing they needed to be replaced, nothing had been done.

After heavy rain Mr Walker is forced either to walk through a big puddle or to stretch over it.

He said: “I am 87-years-old and have osteoarthritis in my knees and have to walk through pools of water. The other day after the heavy rain I had to stretch over it.

“I have just had to have my carpets cleaned because of this water.

“I’m at the end of my tether. I’m fed up of ringing and have spent pounds ringing them.

“They always say someone will ring me back but they never do.

“In winter it’s like an ice pan and it needs sorting before then. I’m terrified of slipping and falling and hurting myself.”


Within days of Action Desk contacting Sheffield Council and Kier, there was finally a development outside Mr Walker’s home.

A Kier spokesman apologised to the pensioner for the delay.

He said: “We are sorry that our service hasn’t met the high standards we would expect and that there was a delay in fixing the sunken paving slabs outside Mr Walker’s home.

“We have visited Mr Walker to apologise for the wait and have now fixed the slabs.”

A delighted Mr Walker said: “Thank you. I think you have done more in a couple of days than I managed in several months.”